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GAT GENERAL TEST Sample 1 Questions (Quantitative)

GAT GENERAL TEST Sample 1 Questions (Quantitative)

  1. If 2 men and 3 women complete a task in 8 days and 4 men and 5 women complete a task in 12 days then how many women are required to complete a task in a day?
  2. 3 years before Ali was 10 years older then Asif. Now Asif is 30 years old. What is the age of Ali?
  3. What is the root of 427716? a) 464  b) 356  c) 654
  4. if X=13 and Y=10 then what is the value of (X-Y)?
  5. There are 100 questions in GAT General Test, all the questions are in same category and Ali has only 120 minutes to answer them. how much time he has to pass on a single question?
  6. The average of five number is 75 then what is the sum of the numbers?
  7. In class A there are 55 students 60% are boys then how many girls are there?
  8. A triangle has <A= 40, <B=20, then what is <C?
  9. What is the area of a triangle with the following coordinates (0,0), (10,0), (5,5)?
  10. if 6876P=2 then P=?
  11. if it is march what month will be after the 50 months from now?
  12. What is the value of x in a triangle if <a=30, <b=70 and <c=x?
  13. What is the value of X if 3X+2 =81? 
  14. If 2b = B and 2a=A then what is the value of AB
  15. If X2 = 21, then find the value of (X+1)(X-1)=?
  16. which of the following cannot be stated as the sum of three consecutive integers?
    a) 27       b) 42       c) 26       d) 21
  17. (a-b) 2= a2-b2 and a ≠ b, which of the following is false?
      a) a=0   b) b=0     c) a= -b
  18. If p, q and r different prime numbers less than 15, what is the greatest possible value of (p+q)/r?
      a) 9    b) 2   c) 13    d) 12
  19.  If 5x= 15 than 3x=?? a) 15  b) 9  c) 11   d) 12
  20.  GAT Question: If 1/a=3 and a/b= 1/9 then what is the value of b?
  21. If 7 x+1 + 1 = 344 then what is the value of X.
    a) 1         b) 2        c) 3         d) 4
  22. GAT General Test: A triangle ABC, if side AB= 5cm, side AC= 5cm, then find length of side BC? Also <A and <B=60o
  23. A and B share an apartment. If each month A pays 1500 and B pays 1000 what percent of the total cost A pay? 
    a) 60%       b) 65%      c) 56%      d) 50%  


    You can find solution here solution-of-sample-1-questions


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  3. Ans to QNo. 1 is not convincing.
    2 Men and 3 women complete a task in 8 days
    hence 16 men and 24 women will complete this task in 1 day
    hence 1 man = 1.5 women, 16x1.5 + 24=48 women will complete task in 1 day

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